Our latest uniquely designed and sealed solar captor uses Global CSP experience gained to date from previous prototypes and embraces aircraft technology. It offers the following major benefits:

  • Sealed against all inclement weathers, IP tested against sand storms, dust and acid rain penetration.
  • Reduced weight with lower manufacturing and assembly costs to produce a high quality product.
  • Flat packed in containers for ease of shipping and transportation.
  • Fabricated with precision engineered jigs on site, using local labour requiring the minimum of supervision to achieve quality and accuracy .
  • For the larger apertures shatterproof polycarbonate replaces the toughened high transmission solar glass.

Our unique in-house designed, integral heat exchange unit is fitted at the focal point of the solar captor to carry the heat transfer fluid. It is treated with a nano coating to enhance the capture of irradiation.


Our Solar Captor is both aerodynamic and robust offering a 25 year life span, without the need for welding or pop riveting. With the operational reflective lens sealed against the deterioration that would otherwise be caused by weather erosion, the external glass or polycarbonate requires the minimum of cleaning. Little water is required and a simple air hose system does the rest as opposed to existing open aperture parabolic solar fields that use large amounts of water on a daily basis with the inherent loss of operating performance. All products used are fully recyclable and the HTF is biodegradable.