Refinement of the technology to the market in which it is best suited requires close examination of the performance of each element in the technology, to determine where cost savings and efficiency improvements may be realised. The technology will no doubt undergo several more refinements over the course of time as field trials inform designers and market potential. It will be important to standardise system elements to reduce costs and help ensure reliability.

Once some performance data has been recorded it will be easier to identify the end markets for the technology. These are likely to be countries with supportive policies and good resource (ie: Australia, India, South Africa, US, Southern Europe and some middle eastern countries). Developing an understanding of the project economics is also critical as is building up an understanding of heat requirements in different industries and how the system may meet these. Determining these factors will allow a more targeted market entry strategy to be developed.

5.1. Strategic Partners

Global CSP have already made several strategic partnerships to assist the development and commercialisation of the technology. These include:

  • Captia Symonds – Infrastructure and property delivery consulting advice
  • Richard Coates – Chartered civil engineer
  • Clive Rowe – Chief technology advisor – Physicist
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers – Accountants
  • LIJ Hydraulic Services – fabrication of hydraulics
  • ORMAT – ORC engine

    The company has also approached several blue chip international partners to investigate supply-chain arrangements and routes to market, major companies for collaborative manufacturing of components and Governments in NZ and UK