Providing and promoting water in Schools

Let us create together the source of healthy water throughout the day, for all schools

Schools can support children achieve a more healthy lifestyle – to make healthy water choices They can also can help children learn about their health choices, develop a positive relationship with water, recognising that nutritious water will improve many aspects to their lives, safeguarding their overall health and performance. 

  • encourages good health and wellbeing among pupils, staff and other adults;
  • reduces tiredness, irritability and distraction from thirst;
  • can have a positive effect on pupils’ concentration throughout the day;
  • demonstrates to parents and to the local community that the school values pupils’ health and wellbeing;
  • raises awareness of the importance of adequate fluid intake and healthy eating as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Schools need to encourage pupils to stay hydrated, drink healthy water

Increasing drinking water access in schools is an essential step towards encouraging students to drink more water and to stop student preferences from sugary beverages to healthy great tasting water.

Children and teens do not drink enough during the school day resulting in dehydration
It is not uncommon for pupils to go six or seven hours without a single drink, and those who do drink usually drink less than they need.

Empowering a passion for a nutritious, clean water future’ in schools

Water awareness, healthy hydration can be raised in school

  • asking the school council or PTA ideas for promotion;
  • get the kids involved to create posters (a competition) to design the best poster to raise awareness of the importance of water in school;
  • having interesting lessons and debates on water to explore the issues;
  • sign your school to join the water Warrior campaign.
  • free healthy water within schools and canteens ;
  • writing a press release to local papers to generate interest in local
  • promote a Water Warriors page on the school website.
  • arranging visits from people who know about healthy hydration, climate change and healthy hydration.

Providing and promoting water:

No one use plastic in our school! Bottles or straws!

Access to water is a fundamental human right and necessary for good health.
Schools can provide this healthy water with recommended trace minerals

  • supplying good quality nutritious water
  • providing healthy water free of charge
  • permitting access to drinking water when required
  • encouraging good habits throughout the day, before and after exercise and in warm conditions.
  • ensuring the water warriors sources are available and maintained
  • listening to their students and suggestions regarding the provision of water!

A plastic free environment, no more buying of water bottles in schools

New figures reveal the surge in usage of plastic bottles, more than half a trillion of which will be sold annually by the end of the decade.

We can go for around 50 days without food, but only two to three without water. Kids need more water during their school day, that’s safe water, nutritious and great tasting.

Why are our children more at risk?

  1. Infants consume seven times as much water for their size as adults do and children consume twice as much, so their exposure to contaminants is considerably greater.
  2. Children and infants have a much lower body mass, which means that toxins build up in their bodies faster. Therefore, nitrate and lead contamination are such a concern for children.
  3. Children have not yet fully developed immune system and are more susceptible to contamination (especially biological contamination) than adults.

Contamination outbreaks are considerably more dangerous for children than adults.
Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that our schools could naturally can access the healthiest water aall day long for drinking, knowing all the contaminants and chemicals have been left behind with the ph. level as it should be!