Organic Rankine Cycle

Global CSP announces - the future development of its ORC power packs, designed to be modular with interchangeable turbine and generators to suit the output requirements with co-generation ability using other fuels to supplement the solar power for continuous generation when required.

Following on from the completion of our 15kW ORC prototype Global CSP now plan to design and build the next generation of ORC power packs, consisting of 3 units with generating capacities of 75 - 100 - 130kW.

Our future developments include power packs up to 1000kW (1MW)

Built in modular form, assembled within their own containers for ease of transportation and coupling on site.

The condenser unit will be constructed in its own container, insulated to cold store specification with fans mounted on the roof injecting the cold air down into the container, circulating and venting the air around the pipework. The ORC units will have all standardised electronic equipment which will include for an offsite computer monitoring system. Requiring only one annual visit for servicing. The refrigerant gas used in the closed circuit system will be sympathetic to the environment, all the power packs will be recyclable materials with no toxic elements, designed to accept the HTF - working fluid directly into the heat exchange unit without the need to use water.

Global CSP announcement

"We are delighted to announce the collaboration of Dr Chris Sansom one of the UK leaders in CSP along with his dedicated team.
The ORC power plants will be designed and initially built at Cranfield a leading UK university with a reputation for engineering excellence." Graham Provan CEO