Mounting Options

Precision Engineered Operating Platforms

The Global CSP solar collectors incorporate fully recyclable elements of construction

They make use of high technology laser cutting to provide accuracy of fit, and aircraft technology in bonded fabrication.

The use of composite materials allows for an element of carbon capture, adding to the Green Credentials of the captors.

Development of tilt able mounting frames, mechanisms and static bases for support and directional placing of prototype parabolic solar captors has been based on current British Standards such as BS 6399 (loading) and BS 5950 (steelwork).

However, designs will shortly be updated to relevant Euro codes. Computer analysis has been utilised in the design of critical elements. Design specification has been developed to accommodate a range of regional wind loadings, and differing ground conditions.

It is envisaged that ongoing design development will enable further cost savings to be made in support frames, power drives and captors. Fabrication will incorporate an effective and efficient Quality Assurance System which conforms to BSI ISO.9001 and which embodies quality of design, sound resource management and a commitment to continually review and improve the manufactured captors.