Global Water Pure for Domestic Use

Global Water Pure is the future solution for water pollution. Introducing the first of its kind 400 mm water purifier, one of a range of distillers/purifiers developed by Global CSP and the international team of Global Water Pure. After years of research and development and many prototypes the technology has been improved and built to last with the aim to help resolve the growing issue of contamination of water supplies worldwide.

Digitally operated where the purifier can be set to operate off peak, the larger units are ideal for commercial use or medical/dental centres, schools, hospitals etc.

All units are efficiently designed built in stainless steel with an aluminium main frame, powered by induction heat and using 7. 5 amps, the 400 mm produces 2 litres of pure drinking water per hour and connected from a kitchen tap or other water source, fitted with a 16-litre quality food grade holding tank, with a radiator type system cooling to ambient temperatures.

The units are all designed and built to recognised international sizes for easy integration, supplied in a polished stainless surround or to match the existing kitchen.

The 400mm produces 16 litres over an 8-hour period, the purifier can be operating during nighttime tariffs, ready for your morning detox! The larger units will produce large amounts of drinking water ideal for a range of uses.

The water purifiers are not only good for health but will radically reduce pollution from plastic water bottles. This is pure water as it used to be before metal, chemical and biological contamination. All these contaminants are removed from the water supply by evaporation and condensing, metals fall to the base of the evaporation pot. Contaminants destroyed by heat of 105 degrees centigrade and chemicals evaporated and vented out of the system, leaving the steam to be condensed back into purified water.