What are minerals, how much do we need?

Eating a varied diet will help ensure an adequate supply of most minerals for healthy people.

Minerals are inorganic substances required by the body in small amounts for a variety of functions. These include the formation of bones and teeth; as essential constituents of body fluids and tissues; as components of enzyme systems and for normal nerve function.

Some minerals are needed in larger amounts than others, e.g. calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium and chloride. Others are required in smaller quantities and are sometimes called trace minerals, e.g. iron, zinc, iodine, fluoride, selenium and copper. Despite being required in smaller amounts, trace minerals are no less important than other minerals.

Minerals are often absorbed more efficiently by the body if supplied in foods rather than as supplements. Also, a diet that is short in one mineral may well be low in others, and so the first step in dealing with this is to review and improve the diet as a whole. Eating a varied diet will help ensure an adequate supply of most minerals for healthy people.

The National Diet and Nutrition Surveys (NDNS) have revealed that some sub-groups of the population have low intakes of some other minerals, for example potassium, magnesium, zinc in men, and for women, iron, calcium, copper and iodine. Young British adults, especially young women, have particularly poor diets which are likely to put their future health at risk unless improvements are made. See our section on nutrient requirements for more information.

Most people do not show signs of deficiency but this does not mean their intakes or nutrient status are adequate. For example, adolescent girls, women of childbearing age and some vegans/vegetarians are more susceptible to low iron status as their dietary intake may not match their requirements, and therefore they are at risk of iron deficiency anaemia. There is also concern about the calcium intake of some adolescents, and young and older women and the implications for future bone health.

What is Distilled Water

The earliest known evidence of distillation dates back to 3000 BC in the Indus valley
of Pakistan. Distillation was known to be used by the Babylonians of Mesopotamia.
Initially, distillation is believed to have been used to make perfumes.
Distillation of beverages occurred much later. The Arab chemist Al-Kindi distilled
alcohol in 9th century Iraq, Distillation of alcoholic beverages appears common in
Italy and China starting in the 12th century. 
An now since the Industrial Revolution, poisonous additives and inorganic impurities
are a commonly found in tap water.
Good quality water has become hard to come by in many areas of the world and
distillation is now emerging as the most effective  method to ensure water is safe.

What is Distilled Water

When water is heated to its boiling point, it evaporates and leaves behind the
harmful impurities. 
The water vapour then condenses back to the liquid form, and this water is called
Distilled Water. 
It is colourless, tasteless and odourless, contains no impurities, organic or inorganic
minerals just water as it should be for drinking, cooking. This is why it is used in
hospitals and food manufacturing as any contamination could cause harm. 

Why you should drink pure water

Distilled water dissolves the toxins from the body that have accumulated over time,
cleansing our body fluids and cells. 
The water will then pass through the body and kidneys without to avoid inorganic
stones being formed.

The purified water will avoid micro-organisms like bacteria & virus, other toxins that
can enter the human body, these are either inorganic or organic, the organic
minerals are found in foods such as meat, grains, fruit, vegetables etc. and are easily

Inorganic – that we ingest through drinking water, are compounds of iron, calcium,
lime, carbonate etc, that over time accumulate in the body over time and can cause
early ageing.

There are are many diseases that are known to occur on the consumption of impure
water, they include kidney stones, gallstones, and arthritis. By drinking pure distilled
water, these diseases can be avoided. 

Drinking distilled water purifies the blood, removes kidney irritation and also aids in
the treatment of bladder infections.
The Pure distilled water is now just water as it should be, the water can then be
personalised by trace minerals or by fruit or vegetables to provide great tasting,
healthy water.

Why Global Water Pure

We are passionate in our endeavours to bring to our consumers, a sustainable,
stylish efficient water purification unit that has been engineered to the highest quality
easy to use, can be cleaned in a matter of minutes and provide 2 litres and hour of
safe, cooled drinking water.

With the attention to detail of every aspect of the design, to be an essential part of
family life, in terms of cost, durability and a long life, without the need for filters, that
can retain bacteria and have to be replaced.

The purifiers are designed to fit in to any space in a kitchen or utility, and can be
styled to any kitchen finish or can be in polished stainless steel.
Our aim is to bring to the market a product that will enhance family health and
hydration, with a choice of minerals chosen by the consumer.
Family health is paramount in our thinking, with the essential drive to help stop the
prolific use and purchasing of plastic bottled water.

“When one drinks impure, dirty water, the body acts as a filter, trapping a percentage
of the solids suspended in the water. A filter eventually becomes clogged and
useless – fit only to be thrown away. The human body might well face the same fate.
But the basic point – that only distilled water avoids mineral buildups in the body – is
an inarguable one. The deposits, which build up in a teakettle from repeated use, are
traces of minerals left behind as the water evaporates.

Distilled water leaves no such traces – in a teakettle or in the human body. It is true
that in most hospitals distilled water is used for newborn infants; distilled water is
prescribed for heart patients in many cardiac wards. And it is true that kidney stones
and other mineral-like buildups in the body are much more common in the areas
where the drinking water has high levels in inorganic minerals – and distilled water
has none of those at all.

It is without doubt the best water available to man- and the only truly pure water
available in our waste-laden society.” —Dr. Paul Conn, from “Not A Drop To Drink”

Global Water Pure – Saving your health, planet and pocket!

Global CSP introduces Global Water Pure as the next must have kitchen appliance!

Do you know what is in your water? Do you know there could be traces of over 2000 contaminants coming out of your kitchen tap and going into your body.

Global water pollution is becoming one of the biggest issues of today, the bottom line is with climate change and a growing population, the overuse of pesticides, chemicals and hormones throughout certain industries that you cannot be sure what ends up in your water supply. There are many water filters and purifiers out there but nothing like this!

Nothing that can give you 100% confidence that you can drink the purest of water with no toxins in fact the water quality is so good it is less than <0.1 (TDS ppm) some tap water can be as much 300-400 ppm. Compounds of all sorts of undesirable contaminants that can ultimately cause a range of health concerns.

Global Water Pure is built to last in polished stainless steel with an aluminium main frame, powered by induction heat using 7.5 amps. It produces as much as 2 litres of pure water per hour and for hassle free automatic fill up as it it is plumbed into work from your water source but fitted with a 16 litre food grade holding tank so you always have enough for drinking and cooking. Easily integrated into a range of 300, 400 or 600 mm sizes to fit into standard or bespoke kitchens or for commercial use. A modern digitally controlled screen the appliance has an in-built cooling system so at a press of a button you have as much access to the purest of drinking water at instant ambient temperatures.

There is nothing like this on the market today not only does it take the worry out of the toxic tap water but is good for your health, and on top of that it is good for the planet as no need for plastic water bottles clogging up our oceans and it will save you money.

Pure water has been shown to have fantastic health benefits and it can heal you at a cellular level, the detoxing affects of drinking non toxic water will revitalise and rehydrate so much better than stagnant water from a plastic bottle. Most water filters remove some toxins but there are so many now this is the only type of water purification where you can be sure ANY water can be purified into the best water possible.

If you would like to keep updated and join our quest for the right to pure water in every home. Complete the form below.

For more information contact [email protected]

Global CSP proud to support important research in converting micro algae in to Bio-oil

The design of a small-scale parabolic trough with a high-pressure absorber bundle to convert microalgae into bio-oil. The “proof-of-concept” system uses an existing Global CSP solar captor, with its reflectance enhanced by the addition of Skyfuel® ReflecTech Plus polymer film and has its original receiver tube replaced by a novel high-pressure multi-tube absorber and reactor. Initial results obtained at Kota University in Rajasthan, India demonstrated that temperatures up to 320°C are possible, and a bio-oil, similar to palm oil, was extracted from the Reactor.

Global CSP – The way forward for the Pacific Islands

A revolutionary solution to delivering 100% renewable uninterrupted power

UK Trade and Investment in New Zealand are representing UK- based Global CSP at the ‘Transforming Pacific Energy Systems’ conference in Honolulu on the 21-23 July.

It is now widely accepted Hybrid technologies is the new frontier to achieve best performance and uninterrupted supply of power, it is a mix of renewable energies working together providing a smart grid effect that will provide a secure energy future.

Global CSP provide a pioneering solution by delivering uninterrupted power by using Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). Global CSP’s sealed all weather parabolic troughs, cogenerating with Biomass using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) will ensure a 24/7 reliable service, cost effective, robust, totally recyclable with no toxic elements, with a life span of 25+years and a low maintenance programme, they believe this is the way forward and addresses many of energy issues within the Pacific Islands.

Global CSP are in discussions with Governments within the Pacific Islands where this solution could help them reach their goals of 100% renewable energy by 2020.
The CSP / Biomass hybrid system can utilise home- grown Biomass, creating permanent jobs in these new industries.
Global CSP selected and have partnered up with Mitsubishi-owned Turboden, to supply the ORC generators, they selected the ORC units for their proven track record of efficiency, reliability, ease of operation and low maintenance costs
The Hybrid CSP / Biomass power plants will be able to operate in many sunny climates around the world and are particularly suitable for the Pacific Islands who heavily rely on expensive and carbon producing diesel.

Global CSP selected to present at CleanEquity Monaco 2015

Global CSP has been selected to present their cutting edge technology at the prestigious Clean Equity Monaco conference on March 5th/ 6th.

Graham Provan, CEO of Global CSP will provide an insight into their innovative approach and aims to build stand-alone power plants for contract hire in off grid areas around the world using Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

Global CSP have designed the world’s first sealed parabolic trough system. Their CSP technology is reliable and cost-effective able to cogenerate with other fuels for 24/7 generating. The system is fully recyclable with a lifespan of 25 + years. Their pioneering research and product development over the last 5 years has generated global interest and is likely to stir a lot of interest at the cleantech conference; the potential of this vast market offers a significant return on investment.

Graham Provan, CEO of Global CSP, commented:
“We have one world, it is important to rapidly upscale these clean technologies to counteract the damaging effects of climate change for future generations.”

CleanEquity® is a private conference, which features up to 30 of the world’s best in class next generation technology companies. Each company presents its vision and has the opportunity to network with the top financial and corporate investors, acquirers, established industry representatives, key policy makers, government officials, end users and international trade media.


The Global CSP solar collectors incorporate fully recyclable elements of construction

They make use of high technology laser cutting to provide accuracy of fit, and aircraft technology in bonded fabrication.

The use of composite materials allows for an element of carbon capture, adding to the Green Credentials of the captors.

Development of tilt able mounting frames, mechanisms and static bases for support and directional placing of prototype parabolic solar captors has been based on current British Standards such as BS 6399 (loading) and BS 5950 (steelwork).

However, designs will shortly be updated to relevant Euro codes. Computer analysis has been utilised in the design of critical elements. Design specification has been developed to accommodate a range of regional wind loadings, and differing ground conditions.

It is envisaged that ongoing design development will enable further cost savings to be made in support frames, power drives and captors. Fabrication will incorporate an effective and efficient Quality Assurance System which conforms to BSI ISO.9001 and which embodies quality of design, sound resource management and a commitment to continually review and improve the manufactured captors.

Global CSP long life, sealed, all weather proofed sun captor – AN INDUSTRY FIRST

website new product

Designed in sizes with 1-3 metre apertures, using composite materials to construct a precision engineered, robust enclosed parabola trough sun captor to withstand all weather conditions, built to operate continuously at maximum efficiency with an estimated life span of over 25 years.

Sealed with toughened, scratch resistant, shatter proof, high transmission polycarbonate to protect the reflective lens against damage caused by inclement weather, sand blows, acid rain and dusty arid environments including blown objects, bird strikes that cause glass lens damage to the traditional open parabola systems.

Without the need to use large amounts of water daily for cleaning purposes to ensure operating efficienciesPicture12 cranfield collage
Our sealed sun captors require air hose use only for cleaning.
• Non use of water for cleaning
• Sealed to protect the parabolic reflective lens
• A long operating life with minimum maintenance costs.
• Flat packed, delivered to site, fabricated using precision engineered jigs for guaranteed accuracy
• Competitively priced against existing industry costs.

Global CSP unveil cutting edge technology

Solar Power Research Hothouse launched

Business weekly March 27th 2014

Cranfield University has cemented its importance in the field of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) with the opening of the Global CSP Laboratory.

The University is home to the largest CSP research activity in the UK and Cranfield is the only UK representative on the EERA (European Energy Research Alliance) Joint Committee on CSP.

The new laboratory – the UK Centre for Concentrating Solar Thermal Manufacturing, sponsored by UK Company Global CSP – will be the home of an internationally recognised research and manufacturing team led by Cranfield’s Dr Chris Sansom, working on concentrating solar power and solar thermal technologies and their applications.

Graham Provan, CEO of Global CSP, said: “The collaboration between Cranfield University and Global CSP has the potential to make a significant contribution to many renewable energy roadmaps worldwide. We jointly have the talent and passion to be a world leader in small-to-medium-scale CSP applications.”

Cranfield has been involved in a number of CSP projects over recent years, including the MATS Project, FRESH NRG, and STAGE-STE, all funded by the European Union.

The Cranfield team is also working with Pakistan’s COMSATS Institute of Information Technology on a solar cooker, to significantly improve the quality of life for rural communities in the developing world.

The event was well attended and gave an opportunity to view the internationally acclaimed, precision engineered solar system, with world leading features.

• Use of composite materials to produce quality, long life products

• A unique system of manufacturing

•. Substantial industry cost reductions

Global CSP would like to thank everyone who attended who were able to see first-hand the technology that could put the UK as a serious contender in the CSP market and the potential to provide a manufacturing base in the UK and worldwide bringing significant employment opportunities.

Small to medium scale CSP can make a major contribution to reducing carbon emissions for Power generation – hot water/steam production – air-conditioning desalination chilling – refrigeration – water purification. Industrial processing -dairy farming – agriculture – public & private buildings food & drink – pharmaceutical – mining – district heating – waste heat recovery.

We will be pleased to discuss our future aims to interested parties.

Contact: Ann Provan

Research and Marketing Director

[email protected]