Global CSP Power Plant – Our New Captor

The captor is one of the key components of our Solar Power plant and is designed to maximise the amount of sun that can be captured over a sun hour day. We have developed a system based upon captors, each measuring 4 sq metres that are fixed to our highly engineered alloy frames. A single support frame has been designed to accommodate up to 8 individual captors.

Each captor can contribute up to 28 kWh of energy per day. The pictures show one of our latest captors (front and rear views). It has a distinctive design, combining efficient insulation, to minimize heat loss, with an aerodynamic shape, for effective wind flow and safety. The insulation features a NASA blanket incorporating a heat void between the sub frame and the mirror – reflective trough parabola, thereby reducing heat loss. Each captor is fabricated in treated aluminium, designed as a flat pack for ease of assembly and transportation. They are fully recyclable containing no toxic elements.

Artists impression of 8 Captors

Up to 8 captors can be secured to one precision engineered alloy support frame that is either static or capable of rotating to track the sun to maximize the capture of solar radiation.8 captors can contribute up to 224 kWh of energy per day

The front panel is made of high transmission solar glass (4 sq. m.) making it totally weather proof. We believe that the design is virtually indestructible and estimate a life span exceeding 50 years. The other internal components are also unique to our design.






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