5. The Next Steps

We believe that we have world-beating technology that will assure our ability to make a meaningful global contribution to Solar Energy micro generation.

We have a dual sales focus where bespoke, flexible, scalable and cost efficient solar energy schemes will be of particular interest; first, desert or arid regions with their need for air conditioning and/or water treatment; secondly, the numerous industries of the more temperate zones that have a high usage of hot water. Some examples are: Pharmaceutical, Dairy Farming, Paper, Food, Wineries, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Laundries, Schools, Universities and other Institutional premises.

There will also be opportunity where the combination of the heating and cooling potential will enable the technology to be applied to disinfection / pasteurization / sterilization in water hygiene situations in third world countries.

To date we have developed our product range without external funds and hold all the patents and copyrights. We are now seeking private investment to help test and develop our products for the global market place.

We are currently engaged in discussions with several potential clients including governments.

The exit strategy for our investors will be by way of a full IPO floatation; Pricewaterhouse Coopers or other reputable accountants will be appointed to produce the prospectus.