3. The Global CSP Solution

CSP, generally, has increasing acceptance as a commercially viable energy source and our solution, in particular, offers:

  • a turnkey (ready-to-use) installation, incorporating our own unique, insulated trough parabola and heat exchanger element that captures solar radiation in a highly efficient process.
  • flexibility and scalability in use, capable of installation on restricted or difficult terrains.
  • components with better performance and longevity in use, with low maintenance.
  • the protection of the solar absorption components from the weather including sand or acid rain
  • solar tracking technology to maximize the absorption of solar radiation.
  • a dedicated team that includes scientists, physicists, engineers and other professionals who through continuous improvement have to date produced the third of our prototypes.
  • fully recyclable components and materials that do not contain toxic elements.
  • potential for local manufacture, in kit form, for ease of transportation and assembly anywhere in the world.