2. Introduction

Our corporate vision is to bring to the market a cost competitive, low carbon, solar power technology that is both reliable and sustainable and particularly suited to supporting those Industries with a requirement for hot-water or drinking water or otherwise to provide heat or air conditioning.

We became committed to renewable energy in January 2010. The founder of Global CSP, Graham Provan, has over 40 years’ experience as a property entrepreneur and as a developer had initial exposure to alternative energy considerations. He has since had the vision to seek and explore this further with a view to the development of a commercially viable energy system that can deliver major benefit to the widest community by the adoption of a more reliable alternative solution with a low carbon footprint and zero toxic elements.

Fuelled by the consensus of opinion on carbon emissions and sustainability, Graham has assembled a team of committed professionals to focus on the delivery of energy technology that uses solar radiation for both commercial and industrial applications. Accordingly we have designed a system that we envisage working in a hybrid CSP scheme that uses solar radiation during daylight hours and secondary fuels and/or energy storage at other times.

Over the last few years, our team has redesigned three variants of the Solar Captor (an even larger fourth one is in scope) and the integrated heat exchange element. In our opinion, these are the “Rolls Royce” of the Solar Energy market. Precision engineered and unique in design, we believe they are capable of making a major contribution to solving some of the environmental difficulties that our planet faces – not just cooling or heat-based energy but also the delivery of clean drinking water, especially in remote communities, as well as more than adequate volumes of hot water for small to medium size industries and businesses.