1. Summary

The effective capture of heat energy from a free resource (solar radiation) to power other standard technologies is the principle that drives our corporate and personal endeavours.

We firmly believe that Solar energy offers huge potential as a power source in a world that desperately needs a solution to the environmental problems that confront us all. Solar energy is currently only tapped to a limited extent, yet in combination with more traditional end-user technologies, it can readily solve many of those problems, particularly in terms of carbon emissions. Solar schemes can provide the basis of the generation of commercial or industrial scale water (whether boiling or purified), air conditioning, heat or electricity and we at Global (CSP) Ltd are committed to facilitating the world-wide availability of CSP installations.

Over the last 2 years we have been exploring options to develop a renewable energy system that is without peer. We are now close to completing our in-house system that eventually could enable the use of fossil fuels to be substantially reduced, particularly if operated as a hybrid co-generation scheme in conjunction with any other available local fuel resource, or where an energy storage capability can fulfill demand when solar radiation is not available.

Our system incorporates a number of unique, cutting-edge components, particularly the Solar Captor and the integral heat exchanger. These are at the heart of our technology and in combination with other standard components offer a flexible, low cost, low carbon power solution. Our latest Solar Captor (the Mk III version) incorporates patented components that have been refined over the last 2 years to maximize efficiency with longevity in use. We believe that there are no other comparable units in the market.

We are a UK based enterprise that now seeks the injection of private funds that will enable the establishment of commercial scale micro power plants supporting a local manufacturing capability.