Global Water Pure – Saving your health, planet and pocket!

Global CSP introduces Global Water Pure as the next must have kitchen appliance!

Do you know what is in your water? Do you know there could be traces of over 2000 contaminants coming out of your kitchen tap and going into your body.

Global water pollution is becoming one of the biggest issues of today, the bottom line is with climate change and a growing population, the overuse of pesticides, chemicals and hormones throughout certain industries that you cannot be sure what ends up in your water supply. There are many water filters and purifiers out there but nothing like this!

Nothing that can give you 100% confidence that you can drink the purest of water with no toxins in fact the water quality is so good it is less than <0.1 (TDS ppm) some tap water can be as much 300-400 ppm. Compounds of all sorts of undesirable contaminants that can ultimately cause a range of health concerns.

Global Water Pure is built to last in polished stainless steel with an aluminium main frame, powered by induction heat using 7.5 amps. It produces as much as 2 litres of pure water per hour and for hassle free automatic fill up as it it is plumbed into work from your water source but fitted with a 16 litre food grade holding tank so you always have enough for drinking and cooking. Easily integrated into a range of 300, 400 or 600 mm sizes to fit into standard or bespoke kitchens or for commercial use. A modern digitally controlled screen the appliance has an in-built cooling system so at a press of a button you have as much access to the purest of drinking water at instant ambient temperatures.

There is nothing like this on the market today not only does it take the worry out of the toxic tap water but is good for your health, and on top of that it is good for the planet as no need for plastic water bottles clogging up our oceans and it will save you money.

Pure water has been shown to have fantastic health benefits and it can heal you at a cellular level, the detoxing affects of drinking non toxic water will revitalise and rehydrate so much better than stagnant water from a plastic bottle. Most water filters remove some toxins but there are so many now this is the only type of water purification where you can be sure ANY water can be purified into the best water possible.

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