Global CSP UK is breaking new frontiers with its latest Solar energy system designed and pioneered in the UK.

Over the past 2 years our team has been designing and has now
developed the core feature of a sustainable energy platform –
the Solar Captor. It is precision engineered and contains unique
components which we believe make it a world-class product.

Its application will make a major, global contribution to the Micro
CSP industry. The potential uses are exciting and diverse forming
the basis to generate power, heat, air-conditioning, hot-water, clean
drinking water and desalinisation anywhere in the world. Where
necessary, it can be used in a hybrid scheme, co-generating with
other fuels.

Our corporate vision is to bring to the market flexible, cost
competitive, low carbon, solar- power technology that is both
reliable and sustainable. Add to that a local manufacturing
capability, anywhere in the world, coupled with ease of assembly/
transportation and we have a technology that we believe is second
to none.

Global CSP looking after tomorrow! See us on YouTube on the 3rd January 2013

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