Global CSP – The way forward for the Pacific Islands

A revolutionary solution to delivering 100% renewable uninterrupted power

UK Trade and Investment in New Zealand are representing UK- based Global CSP at the ‘Transforming Pacific Energy Systems’ conference in Honolulu on the 21-23 July.

It is now widely accepted Hybrid technologies is the new frontier to achieve best performance and uninterrupted supply of power, it is a mix of renewable energies working together providing a smart grid effect that will provide a secure energy future.

Global CSP provide a pioneering solution by delivering uninterrupted power by using Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). Global CSP’s sealed all weather parabolic troughs, cogenerating with Biomass using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) will ensure a 24/7 reliable service, cost effective, robust, totally recyclable with no toxic elements, with a life span of 25+years and a low maintenance programme, they believe this is the way forward and addresses many of energy issues within the Pacific Islands.

Global CSP are in discussions with Governments within the Pacific Islands where this solution could help them reach their goals of 100% renewable energy by 2020.
The CSP / Biomass hybrid system can utilise home- grown Biomass, creating permanent jobs in these new industries.
Global CSP selected and have partnered up with Mitsubishi-owned Turboden, to supply the ORC generators, they selected the ORC units for their proven track record of efficiency, reliability, ease of operation and low maintenance costs
The Hybrid CSP / Biomass power plants will be able to operate in many sunny climates around the world and are particularly suitable for the Pacific Islands who heavily rely on expensive and carbon producing diesel.

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