Global CSP selected to present at CleanEquity Monaco 2015

Global CSP has been selected to present their cutting edge technology at the prestigious Clean Equity Monaco conference on March 5th/ 6th.

Graham Provan, CEO of Global CSP will provide an insight into their innovative approach and aims to build stand-alone power plants for contract hire in off grid areas around the world using Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

Global CSP have designed the world’s first sealed parabolic trough system. Their CSP technology is reliable and cost-effective able to cogenerate with other fuels for 24/7 generating. The system is fully recyclable with a lifespan of 25 + years. Their pioneering research and product development over the last 5 years has generated global interest and is likely to stir a lot of interest at the cleantech conference; the potential of this vast market offers a significant return on investment.

Graham Provan, CEO of Global CSP, commented:
“We have one world, it is important to rapidly upscale these clean technologies to counteract the damaging effects of climate change for future generations.”

CleanEquity® is a private conference, which features up to 30 of the world’s best in class next generation technology companies. Each company presents its vision and has the opportunity to network with the top financial and corporate investors, acquirers, established industry representatives, key policy makers, government officials, end users and international trade media.

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