Global CSP Proudly Presents Our Unique Solar-Powered Technology For New Zealand and the Pacific Island Countries.

Global CSP will be exhibiting it’s cutting edge Concentrated Solar Power technology at the Pacific Energy Summit 2013. If you’re attending come and find the Global CSP team at stand 58.

Since 2010, our team have been designing and has now developed the core feature of a sustainable energy platform – the Solar Captor. It is precision engineered and contains unique components which we believe make it a world-class product. Its application will make a major, global contribution to the Micro CSP industry. The potential uses are exciting and diverse forming the basis to generate power, process heat, air-conditioning, and hot-water, clean drinking water and desalinization. The technology has clear advantages making this an ideal solution for providing renewable energy for New Zealand and the Pacific Island Countries. Where necessary, it can be used in a hybrid scheme, co-generating with other available fuels providing a continuous power supply.

Our corporate vision is to bring to the market flexible, cost
competitive, low carbon, solar- power technology that is both
reliable and sustainable. Add to that a local manufacturing capability, anywhere in the world, coupled with ease of assembly/
transportation and we have a technology that we believe is second to none.

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