Global CSP long life, sealed, all weather proofed sun captor – AN INDUSTRY FIRST

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Designed in sizes with 1-3 metre apertures, using composite materials to construct a precision engineered, robust enclosed parabola trough sun captor to withstand all weather conditions, built to operate continuously at maximum efficiency with an estimated life span of over 25 years.

Sealed with toughened, scratch resistant, shatter proof, high transmission polycarbonate to protect the reflective lens against damage caused by inclement weather, sand blows, acid rain and dusty arid environments including blown objects, bird strikes that cause glass lens damage to the traditional open parabola systems.

Without the need to use large amounts of water daily for cleaning purposes to ensure operating efficienciesPicture12 cranfield collage
Our sealed sun captors require air hose use only for cleaning.
• Non use of water for cleaning
• Sealed to protect the parabolic reflective lens
• A long operating life with minimum maintenance costs.
• Flat packed, delivered to site, fabricated using precision engineered jigs for guaranteed accuracy
• Competitively priced against existing industry costs.

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