Water Warriors

Introducing the ‘WATER WARRIORS’ initiative

Global Water Pure, working with schools and kids to bring clean water to the classrooms, keeping our next generations healthy and hydrated

We want to bring pure and mineralised water to school, our next generation deserve clean and healthy water and a planet free from plastic!

#NO plastics in schools

We say NO to contaminants, NO chemicals, NO metals and NO micro

We want, and need, drinking water to be safe

We have to STOP water pollution and the contamination of water.

It is effecting our precious  water sources in lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers and groundwater. 

Stop this  pollution of contaminants damaging kids and our natural environment. 

“Warriors say no to plastic in our water
We have to STOP the use of plastic
No more using plastic bottles or drinking straws for us!
We can help our planet! 
No more micro-plastics in our drinking water!”