Welcome to the Water Cafe

The water cafe was started to investigate the quality of the water and whether we can drink tap water and stay healthy and what is the purist water for cooking and drinking.

Like most people I assumed that tap water was safe, although it doesn’t taste very nice often with the awful traces of Chlorine, it looks crystal clear but actually it has many hidden contaminants that are best not to go into are bodies, these small inorganic particles can not be excreted by our liver and kidneys, over time the build up effects many of our organs and joints.

As a Climate change believer, I decided to have a better understanding of the effects on water, as we all know water is as important as the air we breath.

Both air and water quality is under threat from Climate change.

The research I have compiled so far has convinced me to endorse and encourage the need to drink only Distilled water.
You will see the articles/blogs to gain an understanding of the complex and the many reasons I reached this conclusion.

We receive the worlds water through nature’s hydrological cycle, distillation of water is the same process of evaporation and condensing, by taking water to steam during which the unwanted contaminants are left behind, the steam is condensed and cooled into pure water.

The rain, snow or sleet that is condensed through the hydrological cycle sadly is now not as pure as it once was, as the air quality includes dust particles, gases from industry and so forth and are captured within a droplet of rain, so that is the beginning of the contamination.

When rain our source of water falls in our Cities and countryside, this is where further contamination occurs, chemicals and gases and waste material, mix with the water and finds its way into water sources and aquifers.

Industry, farming, agriculture and mining are responsible for significant pollution to our water sources, as well as to the effects climate change, with flooding, fires and wind debris all causing devastating effects to ground water, rivers, lakes and aquifers, bore holes etc.

The water that comes through our taps will pass through water treatment plants, where chemicals and disinfectants are added to clean the water but this only adds to further contamination.

From this treatment process the water travels through a network of pipes of which many are antiquated and in some cases still made from lead or copper that can leach into water.

Very often failures to water pipes will fracture where contaminants enter the supply.

Now we have 2000+ contaminants being used in industry, farming, agriculture, pharmaceutical, food processing and manufacturing processing.

Drinking water contaminants and chemicals can have chronic effects, these include chemicals (such as disinfection byproducts, solvents and pesticides), radionuclides (such as radium), and minerals (such as arsenic). Examples of these chronic effects include cancer, liver or kidney problems, or reproductive difficulties, mood behaviour.

According to WHO (2009), the human body obtains vast majority of minerals from food or supplements, not from drinking water.

Distillation is the most effective and superior system for producing pure water, boiling water or by filters, reverse osmosis can host further contaminants if not fully maintained, so the only process to remove the contaminants effectively is by distilling, evaporation and condensing, removing these unwanted compounds.

Many people have turned to buying bottled water, mostly sold in plastic containers and bottles, this we all know must stop as has caused devastating pollution to our plant and in our oceans.

I hope this gives an insight to why I highly recommend Distillation for the pure water that is completely safe for you and your family to stay healthy!