Global Water Pure has now developed their kitchen water purifier unit available in various sizes for trouble free use constructed in biodegradable materials.

The prototypes have been designed built and tested in the United Kingdom and ready to go into production with Venpole our manufacturing partner in Guangdong China.

The water purifiers will have a long-life guarantee on all the mechanical parts, there are no filters to block or replace and more importantly there is no wastewater loss.

The first production run of units will be powered by mains electric However future units will be designed to run off other power sources including natural and bottled gas, biomass, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and photovoltaic.

The use of alternative power will further boost market demand such as off grid properties, mobile homes, and the marine industry.

We now seek investors to join Global Water Pure with one aim to become a leading player within this growth green sector that one day will be bigger than oil.
by CEO and Founder
G W Provan