About Us

The Global Water Pure International  team have produced the first of its kind, water purification appliance. Designed to integrate into any kitchen and connected to a tap source. The aim is to safeguard families from the many unwanted contaminants that are entering the water supply and being distributed through our tap water. This prevents many families from even utilising their own tap water and many others are drinking toxic tap water unaware of the potential damage it could be causing their health.

After a series of prototypes, testing and improving the technology the 400 mm unit produces 2 litres of pure water per hour at the touch of a button at ambient-drinking  temperature with a 16 litres holding tank. Easy to use and clean with digital touch screen so it can be programmed to operate at the cheapest off peak hours.

Global Water Pure’s aim is to provide a superior purification kitchen / commercial appliance  which guarantees the purest, safest tap water for drinking and cooking.

The range of future purifiers will have larger capacity and be ideal for commercial use and hospitals, medical facilities, schools etc. The vision is to provide the cleanest, healthiest pure water to everyone to prevent illness through contaminated water and to prevent the use of plastic water bottles.

It is scientifically recognised that distillation is the most effective method of water purification for the removal of organic, inorganic and biological contaminants. It removes nearly all of these harmful impurities more so than reverse osmosis, filtering, or any other method of purification.

Our conclusive research confirms the global demand for efficient, high quality water purification products is vast, and in some areas of the world the many contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, hormones, nitrates, fluorides, heavy metals, micro-plastics and emerging compounds are entering water sources at an alarming rate and causing chronic and acute health concerns.

This means that there is an over reliance on buying bottled water mostly sold in plastic containers , that is not only costing significant daily expense but is destroying our planet, we all know that the use of one use plastic bottles has to stop.  The already devastating pollution to our planet and our oceans is not acceptable and this is one more way we can all do our bit and not only help our selves but the earth.

The Global Water Pure team.