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Power For Industry

At the forefront of Global CSP’s plans for the future

The power packs now being developed will generate from 75kW to a 1000kW (1 MW) using Organic Rankine Cycle turbine technology with the facility to operate as a hybrid unit using other fuels when the solar power is not sufficient. Our parabola trough solar captors are the only product on the market sealed, insulated and IP tested against acid rain, dust and sand blows to guarantee an efficient operating life requiring the minimal of maintenance.

  • To supply power of up to 5 MW using multiple power packs.
  • Hot water to any given temperature
  • Steam to supersteam when required
  • With the installation of our vacuum designed heat storage tanks containing molten salts during sun hours will increase the power generation capability.
For all energy intensive industries on or off grid

Our solar captor

The worlds first sealed solar parabolic trough, is based on aircraft technology, aerodynamically designed to avoid windage, fully insulated and sealed with a high transmission solar glass or polycarbonate for larger apertures, IP tested against the penetration of any inclement weather including dust and blown sand.
Fabricated on site in precision engineered jigs, bonded together requiring no welding pop riveting to produce a highly accurate and quality product set against traditional fabrication methods with considerable cost savings.

Power by Organic Rankine Cycle Turbines

Global CSP, following on from building its own 15kW ORC prototype, the Global team is to design and build the first in a two phase programme of larger power output ORC's ranging from 75kW -130kW and then on to 500kW - 1000kW (1MW)
In this project we are delighted to announce the collaboration of Dr Chris Sansom one of the UK leaders in CSP along with his dedicated team.
The ORC power plants will be designed and built initially at Cranfield a leading UK university with a reputation for engineering excellence.

Our Vision for tomorrow

Power for industry supplying power on or off-grid , hot-water (to any temperature), steam and super heated steam, refrigeration, chillers, air conditioning, water purification and desalination systems all made possible by solar power, totally recyclable- a green technology for tomorrow's world.