The Water Purification Appliance of the future

Be sure, drink pure!

  • Pure water for cooking and drinking

  • Easily integrated into any kitchen range

  • No pollutants, no chemicals, just water

  • 2 litres per hour, 16 litres overnight

  • Bespoke design, in polished stainless steel

  • Digitally controlled at the touch of a button

Available soon in a range of sizes 300/400/600mm

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The One-Stop Concentrated Solar Power Solution

Since 2010 our international team have designed a precision engineered solar energy system with revolutionary features that make this product world class. The design is based on aircraft technology, fabricated on a precision engineered jig where no welding or pop riveting is required, producing a highly accurate and quality product; a unique system of manufacturing that reduces the costs substantially.

"A revolution in manufacturing reducing the costs substantially"