Global CSP – Investing in a clean energy future

The One-Stop Concentrated Solar Power Solution

Since 2010 our international team have designed a precision engineered solar energy system with revolutionary features that make this product world class. The design is based on aircraft technology, fabricated on a precision engineered jig where no welding or pop riveting is required, producing a highly accurate and quality product; a unique system of manufacturing that reduces the costs substantially.

"A revolution in manufacturing reducing the costs substantially"

Global CSP – The way forward for the Pacific Islands

A pioneering solution to delivering 100% renewable uninterrupted power by using Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). Global CSP’s sealed all weather parabolic troughs, cogenerating with Biomass.
UK Trade and Investment in New Zealand are representing UK- based Global CSP at the ‘Transforming Pacific Energy Systems’ conference in Honolulu on the 21-23 July.

It is now widely accepted Hybrid technologies is the new frontier to achieve best performance and uninterrupted supply of power, it is a mix of renewable energies working together providing a smart grid effect that will provide a secure energy future.